Are you a real estate agent that does open houses? Are you an event professional that does bridal or trade shows? Are you in the customer service industry and want a simple way to collect customer data? If so, then SurveyForms is the app for you.



Explore amazing features

SurveyForms gives you the flexibility to create forms as simple or complex as you would like. You can be flashy with interactive video screens or you can simply walk around with the iPad and manually enter the fields yourself to engage in customer interaction.

Unlimited Fields

You can create as many fields as you would like for your forms. You can make them required or optional. You can add a Terms and Conditions field which would allow customers to accept them.

Custom Screens

Creating interactive or image design screens allows you to bring brand awareness to potential customers before and after they fill in the form. All of the screens are customizable and optional.

Easy to customize

If you would like to create image or screen designs all you would do is make sure they are created at the dimensions of your iPad itself. You can also just choose colors for the screens if you do not want to design them.

One Price. No Monthly Fees.

You are free to test SurveyForms as long as you would like, so that you can become familiar with the process. Then, if you would like to export the data from your iPad, you will only pay a one-time fee of $9.99. After your initial purchase, you can create unlimited forms and export all of them at no additional charge. In simple terms, pay $9.99 once and never pay again.

Video Tutorial

Spend a few minutes and watch how to use SurveyForms. It's so easy

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